Mandi and Tony are Planning the Official Wedding September 12th of 2015


We have decided to plan a fairly simple wedding in the mountains of Lansing NC at  the property of some  of our beloved friends!  We plan on turning the property lovingly known as “Fort Awesome” into a wonderful weekend retreat for our family and a small group.  We are keeping everything small and affordable but there are still some costs, of course that we will be taking on. With that said, this is our shameless attempt to raise money to make this all happen. It is the only gift we really need! Follow the link above if you would like to help. Thank you in advance for any help you can give!

Hello friends, family and loved ones.  We are planning a dreamy wedding to celebrate our great fortune in finding the perfect mate in this life time.   Luckily for us we have plenty of talented friends to help with several of the details, but it will still leave us with a small bill to pay. Being that we have been on this planet collecting “stuff” for years now, we do not have much of a need for material gifts.  The gift of your attendance, love, help and/ or funding the day of our dreams is the dearest gift we could receive.mandi and tony2


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