My City Magazine

Mandi English ( that’s me) is also the resident Fashion writer for Charlotte’s “it” magazine, My City Published by one of our local favorite Divas, Ms. Ellen Gurley.

This issue featured an article on The Fabulous and Fashionable Linda Martinez.

linda articleLinda Martinez – Style Maven
By: Mandi English

You can’t miss this lady as her personality is as big as the room. I personally met Linda Martinez over twenty years ago at the legendary Mythos. If you don’t  know the name, Mythos was a popular nightclub many years ago and you could always expect to see Linda there dressed to the nines and truly fabulous.

Of course, like so many Charlotte A-listers, there is a story there. Originally from Atlanta, this Cuban-blooded, rolling stone has been all over and back again on her journey. Linda lives here in Charlotte and runs a fashion blog called StyledNow! while working as the store director and jewelry buyer for Sloan Boutique in Dilworth.

This fashion guru got her start at fourteen while working at a place in the Virgin Islands.  Jolly Rogers was a jewelry shop owned by family friends. At such a young age, she wasn’t even allowed to ring up people, but she was allowed to show and present the jewelry.  There’s where her obsession began. Her mom is from NC, so for college Linda attended Brevard.  She majored in criminal justice and got her paralegal certificate, but her passion is fashion and that is what she chose to follow.

“The ‘glamorous’ world of fashion is not what it once was back in the day”.  Linda remembers that “years ago, every store had sales people that built relationships with their customers. Your salesperson knew you, your style, the colors you loved most and how to match your accessories just and so.”

Like her fashion icons, Garbo, Hepburn and Kelly, Linda knows how to “do” classic styling and beauty. This skill was born from the art of knowing your customer.  She honed this skill by working for Chanel, Jordan Marsh, Saks, Perris and Montaldo’s.

She pulls her inspiration from everything around her making her own brand of style flexible – bouncing from bohemian chic to classic conservative. “Fashion repeats itself“, she says, while citing NOW as her favorite era of fashion – with so many elements of every era.  “Today we see the fun (yet powerful) Gatsby era, the crafted suits and cuts of the ‘50’s and ‘60’s and the soft styles of the late ‘60’s and ‘70’s all mixed in with the bright and strange confusion of fashion from the’ 80”s and the laid back grunge of the ‘90’s.”

When she realized she had a flair in the fashion world, she started by helping friends and clients sort through and organize their closets to find outfits that work and get rid of those that don’t work for their life style and personality.  From there she was on her path to making her mark by shopping and advising clients on the outfits for the everyday and special events – matching everything with the perfect accessory.

Linda’s savvy eye has lead her to style for many local publications, commercials, photoshoots, and televison.  She’s the fashion and styling consultant for Colleen Odegaard (of WCNC’s show Charlotte Today – where Linda has a regular monthly fashion and trends segment). Her lucky clients at Sloan get her individual touch in their lives. Go see her.  Become a client of hers yourself at StyledNow! today.  Whether it be finding the perfect accessory for an outfit or finding the perfect outfit for an accessory, you can’t stump her.  And you can’t beat her attention to detail and dedication to relationships. Call her today and get started.

Photography: Ellen Gurley


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