m.e. boutique Salon and doTerra Oils Offers a Class

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The lovely staff of m.e. boutique Salon is bringing  education from doTerra.

Natural and organic oils have always been in the background for the health and wellness of our skin and hair, internal health issues not to mention the use in aromatherapy.  Way before the invention of modern medicine essential oils WERE our medicine.  Tea tree was for our cuts and scrapes, ginger for an upset stomach and chamomile to calm you… Just to name a few of the basics, but there are so many more oils and millions of uses.  Jackie our lovely educator from doTerra will go over many of the options that are out there, to instead of reaching for  the medications we tend to rely on everyday.  doTerra, not only supplies us with basic oils, BUT they offer blends for headaches, tension, “ON Guard” for our home wellness needs, “Deep Blue” for sore muscles, aches and pains, and a Complete line of Vitamins and “Trim Shakes” .  They now even offer lotions, soaps and cleaning products.  The more natural you go the better, and doTerra offers simple solutions for all of your “green needs”.  Cleaning your house, washing your hands, brushing your teeth all chemical free with the ability to pronounce and recognize all of the ingredients in every product, this is a great way to start your family on the path to be chemical free.

Join us at m.e. boutique Salon and Spa on Thursday March 5th at 12:15 for our tutorial on essential oils and their uses. Spaces are limited so please R.S.V.P. @ meboutiquesalon@gmail.com


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