Oils for What Ails You

oils 2oils 1oils 4Do terra’s complete and all natural line of oils is good for all of your ails and to help keep you calm, and well.

m.e. boutique gals have always been a fan of oils to take help out with  your skin care and healthy hair needs AND as a relaxing aromatherapy to add to your massage.

NOW we are carrying some of these oil treats in the salon!!!

Do terra is a complete line of natural, organic and digestible line of oils, supplements and protein powders (and so much more).

One of my favorite oils? Breathe: a mix of peppermint, tea tree, lemon and a couple other oils. I have always had issues with congestion, especially when the dry winter months kick in. I put  couple drops of Breathe in my diffuser on my bed side table and voila, easy “breathey” all night and all day!  When my kids have stuffy noses, guess what???? Just 2 drops of Breathe oil on a tissue and place it in their pillow case, works like a charm every time!

There are so many uses and so many oils to choose from, including Slim and Sassy. Just a couple drops in your water daily and it is an easy way to curb your appetite!

There are several oils to use in cooking all of your favorite recipes, oregano, ginger, wild orange, lime, coriander, and black pepper oils just to name a few!!!

Stop by m.e. boutique and check out the starter kits and oil mixes and see the difference for yourself!


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