Introducing m.e. boutique’s new BB bar!

Blowout Bar
Blowout Bar
Brow Bar
Brow Bar

Now you don’t have to drive across town to get a quick blow out for that special event or run to the mall for a great brow shaping. We have a blow out bar AND a brow bar right here in Plaza Midwood!!!

Our team of blow out specialists have been trained to give you a relaxing shampoo and a detailed to perfection blow out or a drop dead gorgeous up do.  No more fussing with your hair for hours trying to get it just right for that very important date.

And if that is not enough, what about those unruly eyebrows you have been meaning to get around to??? Well stop by to get a brow shaping, and while you are at it, throw same lashes on to really glam up your look.

What is that you say?  What about getting your makeup done to polish off the whole look? We have that too.

Step in and make an appointment or call us to book with one of our stylist today! 704-644-0070


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