Welcome to the team Janine!

Welcome to the team Janine!

Janine Atkinson
Macrobiotic Counselor

The macrobiotic diet and lifestyle is a philosophy of balance, using the principles of eastern ideals and a deeper understanding of food- the energy and powerful connection to our true self it gives us. It’s otherwise referred to as, “The Great Life Diet”. This new found passion has given me a new light on life. I have studied macrobiotics for the last 4 years since discovering its benefits for my own personal health and wellness. I am a graduate of the highly esteemed Kushi Institute in Massachusetts, achieving an advanced Level 4 Certificate in their Macrobiotic Leadership Program. I have worked with senior macrobiotic counselors such as Edward Esko in Massachusetts, Virginia Harper in Tennessee, and also Lino and Jane Stanchich in Asheville, continuing my education and cooking for clients under our combined expertise. As health is not just about the diet but also the lifestyle choices we make, I have also studied chanting, yoga, qi gong, shiatsu massage, and the energetics of food and natural remedies. I counsel individuals, couples, and families, including cooking for them, teaching them to cook, and using body or facial diagnosis to help them heal from ailments using natural remedies and proper nutrition. While teaching classes at health food stores and in people’s homes, macrobiotics has brought me joy and only continues my desire to share with others. At m.e. boutique salon, I look forward to teaching classes on nutrition and wellness, bringing the community together. I also am very excited to be working with someone as well respected as Mandi and her awesome supportive team!

For more info on Janine’s services visit http://www.wellnessandwonder.com (or click on Janine’s photo) and contact her at 704-557-6967.

***Just added: Special deal! Janine is offering a her nutritional consultations for only $100 the month of March 2014! This is an amazing deal. It will change your life! If you are tired and run down? Bloated? Skin Issues? She has the tools and information to help you eat the right foods to beat your modern day stress and nutrition issues! Book with her today!


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