m.e.boutique is so excited to introduce Allison Modafferi Brewster!!!

m.e.boutique is so excited to introduce Allison Modaferri Brewster!!!

When Allison Modafferi Brewster finished her first yoga class in 2001, she felt a full inch taller… and knew she’d discovered a path that would change her life! In 2003, she pursued her first RYT-200 teaching certification, and soon thereafter began instructing a group of brave and curious friends in an art gallery. Since then, Allison has taught at several Charlotte studios, including The Bodhi Tree, Peaceful Poses, the YWCA, and Sangati. She currently teaches at Be Yoga, where she became the Studio Director in the spring of 2012.

Allison’s yoga studies have continued, with in-depth explorations of Anusara & Therapeutic Yoga, Rajanaka philosophy, and Ayurveda. She also draws inspiration from Vinyasa Yoga, Acro-Yoga, and Aerial Silks Dance, as well as from the humbling beauty of nature, the heart-stirring qualities of music, and the creative play of cooking.

Allison’s classes focus on learning alignment to embody poses with stability and ease, while moving with the breath (and allowing the breath to move through us). Her creative sequencing and enthusiastic approach bring yoga philosophy down-to-earth and make the challenge of practice fun! Through her company Heart of the Matter Yoga, Allison leads yoga & wellness retreats, workshops, immersions, trainings, and cleanses.

In the spring of 2014, Allison is launching an online intentional living program called The Art of Being Happy. Rooted in the practices of yoga and healthy eating, The Art of Being Happy is designed to improve health and happiness through daily, sustainable shifts. The program is a culmination of her own path towards happiness. She shares, “Yoga has given me the tools to be happy… and everything that comes along with that! After years of holding myself back due to anxiety and weighty self-doubt, yoga has given me the confidence and the freedom to be more fully myself. Through my yoga practice, I continue to cultivate a deeper connection to higher wisdom, greater clarity in knowing my true self, stronger intuition, focus and discipline, fluidity in making decisions, loyalty to my commitments, the honor of responsibility, and the courage to keep choosing to celebrate the amazing experience of life.”

Allison will be seeing clients at m.e.boutique salon starting NOW! Her offerings include:

Yoga/Therapeutic Yoga Sessions
Solo $75/”flexible hour”
Duet $90/”flexible hour”
Trio $105/”flexible hour”
Quartet $120/”flexible hour”

Intentional Living & Wellness Sessions
Solo $75/”flexible hour”
Duet $90/”flexible hour”
Trio $105/”flexible hour”
Quartet $120/”flexible hour”

Plant-Based Whole Foods Wellness Consultation (includes Cleanse Guide)
1-on-1 or Family

3-week Plant-Based Whole Foods Cleanse for 4+
(includes 4 hour long consultations, online support, and Cleanse Guide)

Click on her photo to check out her facebook and to book your time with Allison call her at 704-277-7098 aheartofthematteryoga@gmail.com


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