m.e. boutique salon is proud to introduce: Alix A. von Cramon, Skills for Intentional Living

m.e. boutique salon is proud to introduce:  Alix A. von Cramon, Skills for Intentional Living

Alix is now available for private sessions in person or via telephone. She has made the positive difference in our lives at m.e. boutique salon. We are excited to offer her services to our clients!

“Wishing everyone the passion, wisdom, and purpose to live a truly “New” Year. May you keep inventing yourself anew by resting so thoroughly in your authentic self that you are a model of integrity, clarity, and compassion…in other words genuine Inner and Outer Success! To cultivate your fullest potential for successful endeavors and satisfying relationships contact me at Skills for International Living!”

Alix is a Master Certified Transformation Coach specializing in supporting individuals in their personal transformation in areas of communication, relationship building and meaningful living. She is trained in a variety of modalities as a seasoned coach that provides you, the Coachee, with a host of practical tools enhancing communication, access to mindfulness and how to act on purpose. She believes honing skills for intentional living provides momentum as we transform becoming our best selves. Her aim is to provide you deeper access to the narrative you have created about your life or circumstances to ensure it is serving your highest good. Her work awakens you to the perspective that we are authors and editors of our stories and have a direct effect on how our stories manifest. This discovery can be enlightening and empowering given we all have a story to tell.

Alix is a native of Germany and has traveled extensively throughout the world. This exposure affords her a multi-cultural perspective and a deep understanding of the human condition. She has a strong business background as an entrepreneur and working with Fortune 500 Companies. She works globally and locally developing leaders and supporting individuals and partners in how to enrich their relationships through artful communication. Her personal journey in transformation, a commitment to meaningful living and practice in mindfulness informs her work as a coach.

She believes that all people are miraculous in their own right. People have what it is they need to fulfill and find satisfaction in their lives. Coaching with Alix offers you a distinct experience to be fully listened to, receive clean feedback, and an accountability partner. Communication with oneself or with others can at times create confusion getting in the way of goal achievement, intimacy in relationships or success in business. People sometimes know what they want but are unclear in how to get there. She helps people close this knowing doing gap and supports them in getting things stacked up in a way that brings balance to their endeavors and desires. She has years of experience working as a coach guiding people through complex circumstances to a place of deeper understanding about themselves and others leading them to personal power and increased satisfaction on their transformation journey.

Are You ready to make changes You have been thinking about?
You can contact m.e. boutique salon to reserve time with Alix or directly
http://www.skillfulliving.com alix@skillfulliving.com 704-965-3909.
Contact her for scheduling and rate quotes.
*Mention m.e. boutique to receive a 25 minute complimentary telephone laser coaching with Alix.

Alix A. von Cramon
Master Certified Coach ICF
Mentor Coach for ICF Accreditations
Master Practitioner Neuro-Linguistic Programing
Neuro-Semantic Meta Coach ACMC
Trained Mediator Conflict/Resolution


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