Green Juice Power!!!

Green Juice Power!!!

Are you wondering what this green drink is you see more and more people carrying around these day?

And I am sure your first thought is “ anything that looks like baby poo cannot be good” well it CAN and it does!

You can buy these green goblets of gaiety at several of my favorite locations around town, including common market right around the corner from us, luna’s living kitchen in southend and viva raw in 7th street market down town. But if you want the best juice. customized daily. make it yourself!

A small investment in a fairly basic juicer (I have a juiceman from Kohl’s for $130) will get you started. And here is one of my go to recipes to start you out, and I will be sending out more soon! and remember these are JUICES not smoothies, we will talk more about those in the future!!!

Oscar the Green Grouch:
3 cucumbers
2 stalks celery
2 carrots
2 large handfuls of spinach
chunk of ginger (small)
and an apple

yummy deliciousness, drink up.
get your senses flowing!


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