dry shampoo? it really works!

PB172992okay, so how many of you HATE to shampoo and style your hair every day?

well, there is some help for that….what’s that you say? your hair gets greasy? we have the answers!

for those day that you have to head out of the door in a hurry and there is no time for a full shampoo and blow dry, there is a product for that!

Alterna has released their own version of a modern day “dry shampoo”. it is a feature from their Alterna Bamboo line. all the wonderful things we love, no PBA’s no propellants, not yucky bad stuff for the environment! it is completely shear, and does not show up in your hair. it is completely dry! so, spray this miracle product directly on the roots, smooth out any of the fly aways with you blow dryer and round brush, grab those keys and head for the door!!!!

and ….. there is a product for those of you with curly hair! say you go for a quick run, or a nice hot yoga class, oops there is not enough time to shampoo and let those curly locks air dry!

well, my solution is fairly simple…. after your quick shower, use a light leave in conditioner, such as our Onesta Quench, scrunch as you spray, and only dampen the hair to reactivate the curl. next, spray our Alterna Bamboo sea salt spray, this will freshen your curl and cause it to have some volume and lessen the frizz. at this point you either let air dry. or give it a quick blast with your dryer with a diffuser attachment!

now run, the traffic is getting thicker!

xo, mandi


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