benefits of professional skin care services

hello all! alison here!

did you know? a university study shows that over 60% of people define their skin type and use home care products incorrectly? a skin care professional is trained in skin analysis and in communicating this information to you correctly.

did you know? the treatment level products used by your skin care professional will produce optimal results in your skin care treatment? also, the professional level home care product recommended by your esthetician will maintain and improve your skin condition between services, and will set your skin on track towards your personal skin care goals!

i always educate all my clients on the benefits of each treatment, on the benefits of home care products and on how to use them correctly for achieving these goals for your skin. it’s what i’m here for! if you’ve never had a professional skincare analysis and treatment, i encourage you to do it for yourself. your health is one of the best investments you can make and especially in your skin, it shows the world around you what a glowing, healthy person you are!

xo, alison


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